Jun 13, 2018

How to save your plants, while you are away from your home

There is a simple and efficient trick to save your plants while you cannot water them. The trick uses Capillary action.

All you need is an old towel (or another peace of cloth) and a big bowl. You place your plants around the bowl with water, cut your cloth on ribbons and dip one ends of each ribbon to the bowl and cover soil in your pots with the other ends of the ribbons.

Ends of the ribbons should reach the bottom of the bowl and there must be plenty of water in it, as plants consume it a lot! What you see on the photo is what left after a week of absence during cold, cloudy weather. There was more than a half of the bowl of water a week ago.

Pebbles and shells in the middle of the bowl are just for aesthetics reasons and have no purpose.

I must tell you that each time when I am back the plants look much healthier then before I left them. I am even thinking about installing of a some sort of drip irrigation system for them.

Of course, you can just use one of this self watering planters, but I think it is cheating. :)

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